1. How does the Throat mic setup work?

The microphone for most communication systems is based on traditional acoustic induction from sound waves in the air. The throat mic separates the environmental noise from voice via a non-traditional method of sound induction through the vibrations of the throat. The microphone transponders picks up the voice signals from the vibrations in the users' necks, rather than from the air. The result is clear communication direct from the throat to the microphone without the utilization of air as a medium of induction perfect for boats, convertibles and noisy environments.

2. How does the noise get cancelled?

One common method for two way radios is that it "filters" (takes out) frequencies that are outside the range of the human voice. This results in reduced noise but does not truly cancel out background noise. Any sound (noise) that is in the same frequency of the human voice would be heard as well. However, the Stryker line of throat mics do not cancel noise because it does not pick it up. Due to the voice coming from the vibrations in the neck and not from the air, there is no extraneous background noise for the microphone to pick up.

3. How can I optimize the performance of the Throat mics?

Ans: While we suggest placing the transponder about 0.5 - 1 inch on either side of your larynx/voice box, the optimal position on the neck to place the transponder will vary between individual users. Therefore, each user is encouraged to find his or her own optimal position. Moving the transponder closer to the voice box increases volume but may result with higher distortion. Conversely, positioning the transponder away from the voice box and closer to below the ear will result in a more natural sound. However, moving too far away from voice box, the volume will be compromised.

4. Are these throat mics compatible with my phone?

Ans: Not at this time.

5. Can I use the Stryker headset with my FRS radio?

Ans: The Stryker is compatible with FRS and GMRS radios. Currently, the Stryker is compatible with FRS radios that use:

  1. the standard two-pin, two step (one black ring) plugs, such as Cobra and Panasonic.
  2. two-pin plugs, three step (two black rings) plugs, such as Kenwood.
  3. the one pin (long pin) Motorola Talkabouts.

6. Will it work with my FRS radio on vox mode?

Ans: Regular headsets have problems picking up sound with the FRS radio on VOX mode if there is excessive background noise (ie if the user is riding motorcycle). The background noise is either so loud that speech cannot be picked up or the noise is constantly being picked up by the headset which means the headset is continually in transmit mode. The Throat mics solves this problem as it picks up sound vibrations directly from the throat. It doesn't have a microphone. Therefore, it does not cancel out background noise; it never picks the noise up. Users should be reminded that they should adjust the vox settings on the FRS radio to find the best level of sensitivity.

7. Why doesn't my voice activation function work with the Throat mic?

Ans: The throat mics work effectively with the voice activation functions of many cellular phone. However, users must first re-record the voice tag using throat mic. The phone's software will not match the user's voice when using the throat mic with a tag recorded under normal conditions. Further, users are reminded to wait for the signal from the phone first before speaking to activate the voice tag.

8. Does it fit everyone?

Ans: The neckband is flexible but it works best for neck sizes between 15-17 inches. The band should fit flush against the back of the person's neck. Throat mics also perform better for people with less adipose tissue on their necks.

9. Does it really work?

Ans: Each Stryker Headset, Stryker lite and Tork MAX, has been subject to stringent quality control checks. Clearercom stands behind its product. We offer a one-year maufacturer's warranty.

10. Will it break easily?

Ans: Clearer Communications uses high quality materials to produce the Throat mics. However, the transponder is highly sensitive to force (ie vibrations from the larynx), in order carry the voice signals. Therefore, it will be more susceptible to damage than other parts of the throat mic. Users should not apply force by pressing in that area.

11. There is a very loud beep sound when I use the Throat mic with my FRS radio. How can I get rid of this?

Ans: Press the (+) button while turning on your FRS will remove this loud sound.

12. As soon as I plug it into my radio, the radio goes into VOX transmit mode and never exits.

Ans: Power the radio off and back on again. Or turn the radio off, plug in the headset and then turn the power on.

13. Is the Tork MAX compatible with the Chatterbox system or the Nady system?

Ans: Unfortunately we have yet to test the headset with the Chatterbox system or the Nady. We will update this page as we continue our research and development.

14. Can I return anything?

Ans: You may return all headsets within 14 days of the original invoice date.

15. My item is unopened and unused, can I return it?

Ans: Unopened and unused products returned for credit to your credit card will be subject to a 10% restocking fee. Merchandise must be returned complete with all the original manufacturer's packaging, manual(s), blank warranty cards, miscellaneous parts and accessories. Incomplete returns will be subject to additional charges at our discretion. Unopened and unused products returned for in-store credit (issued in the form of a gift certificate) will not be subject to the 10% restocking fee. However, merchandise must still be returned complete with all the original manufacturer's packaging, manual(s), blank warranty cards, miscellaneous parts and accessories. Incomplete returns will be subject to additional charges at our discretion.

16. What about open or used items?

Ans: Open or used products returned to Clearercom.com will be subject to a restocking fee to be determined upon receipt by us. This restocking fee will vary depending on the condition of the returned merchandise. Merchandise that has been used and/or shows signs of wear and tear will be subject to a 5-80% restocking fee. Use is defined as any attempts to install, fire, wear, wash, or ride. Please call (877)-801-6984 for return authorization number.

17. What is your policy when the customer receives the wrong item?

Ans: If you have received the wrong item and wish to return it for credit, we will credit you the full amount paid for the item and the return shipping. We cannot send out call labels.