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  1. Starcom1



    The Starcom1 Advance Kit B is designed for easy hands free operation and offers value, comfort and safety that is second to none. The Starcom1 Advance is a Motorcycle intercom that allows a Rider to communicate with the Passenger while riding a motorcycle. This device also connects to multiple devices such as a music player, GPS, Cellular Phone and a two way radio.. This small, credit card size (2” X 3” X 1”) unit is upgradeable at any time to allow for Bike to Bike communications using a number of available radios. If your cell phone has auto answer capability, as most do, we offer cables and/or a Blue Tooth adapter so you can connect your mobile phone as well. The Starcom1 Advance also has an input for GPS navigation and radar detection systems. Learn More
  2. HBC200 Force Multi-Hop Technology

    HBC200 Force Multi-Hop Technology


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    Multi-Hop Technology

    UClear HBC200 introduces Super Group Intercom and Multi-Hop technology, specifically for group communications with full duplex intercom.
    Multi-hop technology, used in military tactical communications, provides superior sound quality and connection stability over Bluetooth intercom systems that suffer from interference and are “line of sight” dependent.
    By incorporating Multi-hop technology, each UClear HBC200 control unit works as a repeater or relay station, enabling the network to grow as more control units/riders are added to the group. Depending on riding conditions, the intercom range between two riders is up to 700 meters. Adding a third unit/rider increase the intercom range up to an additional 700 meters. Add a fourth rider and the entire group can communicate up to 2100 meters (1.3 miles) in full duplex intercom mode.

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  3. U-CLEAR HBC100 Bluetooth Communicator

    U-CLEAR HBC100 Bluetooth Communicator


    The World's 1st Boomless mike Helmet Communicator. UClear HBC100 is developed with patented Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Technology to filter out wind noise and ambient noise from the sound that motorcycles produce. Equipped with Class 2 Bluetooth V2.1 technology. Learn More
  4. Tork Mobile

    Tork Mobile

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    The Tork Mobile motorcycle helmet headset is designed for comfort while riding a motorcycle and using your iPhone, Galaxy, Blackberry or other compatible device. If you're currently using your Smartphone while riding and listening to music, than this is the ideal product for you. Learn More

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