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  1. The Commander Headset

    The Commander Headset

    Regular Price: $199.99

    Special Price: $99.99

    This heavy-duty headset is used under extremely high-noise environment in construction, industrial applications, air-piloting and car-racing. The high quality structure is durable and heat-resistant offering layers of sponge filter to ensure high passive noise reduction level (NRR) of 24dB, reducing the amount of background noise reaching your ears.

    Compatible with Motorola 2 pin professional radios. Learn More
  2. Mission Tactical Throat-mic

    Mission Tactical Throat-mic

    Regular Price: $259.00

    Special Price: $199.00

    The Mission is designed for operators in tough operational environments such as military, law enforcement and HAZMAT. Improving upon typical boom mics that carry excessive background noise, the Mission Throat mic promises clear voice transmission without all the ambient noises. Learn More
  3. Cross Bones

    Cross Bones


    Industrial grade Ear Bone Conduction headset for Motorola Professional 2 pin radios. Keep your ears clear, this headset transfers the audio through the temples leaving the ears free. Learn More



    The NEW RECON Tactical throat Microphone offers comfort and superior sound quality.  This new design offers dual transducers, a comfortable wrap around neck band and a large palm PTT button (Press to talk). The RECON combines the best features of the Mission and the Stryker throat mics to offer an effective solution for two way radio communication. Learn More
  5. SP7


    Regular Price: $195.00

    Special Price: $99.00

    The SP7 is a rugged and durable speaker mic that Gives you the freedom to communicate without holding your radio. Clips on lapel allowing you to receive and transmit without taking the radio off your belt or out of your pack. Learn More
  6. NewTek NT2 Throat Mic

    NewTek NT2 Throat Mic


    The NewTek2 has been completely re-designed from top to bottom. This headset now Incorporates a professional grade acoustic ear coil for added comfort and performance, a step up from the hard and brittle previous version. Learn More
  7. Hunter Pro

    Hunter Pro


    The Hunter Pro Headset is the upgrade headset to the successful hunter surveillance headset. Utilizing the same simple and easy to use technologies, the Hunter Pro moves tactical headsets to the next level. Designed to meet the needs of everyday security/tactical demands the Pro version incorporates thicker coily cabling, an extra large, and easy to find ptt button with an improved microphone for clarity. An excellent choice for applications demanding top-notch acoustic quality and all-day headset comfort.Ultra-lightweight (less than .5 ounces/14.2 grams)

    This headset is ideal for the security guard, hunter and war-gamer as well as various sporting events such as snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking etc.
    Learn More
  8. CB100


    Regular Price: $59.99

    Special Price: $29.99

    The CB100 is a light weight boom microphone headset for Motorola 2 pin radios. This professional grade headset uses a flexible boom microphone, single sided earphone and a finger PTT. Fits Motorola professional series radios. Learn More
  9. NE2000


    Regular Price: $499.00

    Special Price: $299.00

    The NE2000 is the ideal microphone in high noise environments. Utilizing a throat microphone transducer, voice signals are absorbed via vibrations from the throat and transferred to the radio designed to perform in the loudest environments. Coupled with a set of Ear muffs, these hearing protection headphones offer an NRR of 27, allowing for safer and more effective communication. Learn More



    Throat microphone headsets eliminate background noise by transferring vibrations from the user's throat through to the communication device (2 way radio). These types of microphones are best utilized in high noise environment where conventional microphones are useless. In Tactical situations, throat mics can be used as a whisper microphone, transmitting miles in range via 2 way radios but unheard by a enemy 3 feet away. Learn More

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